Astralis Group in collaboration with Juventus

The Juventus PES-team will be run and operated by Astralis Group Management and the three players will be utilized by Astralis Group’s highly successful performance team. The performance team has a resume of making Astralis the most winning Counter-Strike team in history and pushing a brand new set of League of Legends players in Origen to the LEC Finals in their first season.

Visit Juventus’ page for more details.

In July 2019, the Italian football club announced an exclusive deal with video game developer Konami and their IP Pro Evolution Soccer in which Juventus will play in eFootball PES 2020 league. The digitally rendered Juventus players will be played by Ettore Giannuzzi, Luca Tubelli, and Renzo Lodeserto. 

About the players

Luca ‘distruttore’ Tubelli

Winner of the European COOP 2019 and the 3v3 COOP World Championship in 2018. Back-to-back Italian Champion and crowned top player in Italy in 2016 and 2017.

Ettore ‘ETTORITO’ Giannuzzi

2x World Champion (2011, 2018). Dominant in 2018 as WESG Olympic Champion and World COOP Champion. Winner of the UEFA Youth League in 2014.

Renzo “LoScandalo” Lodeserto

Runner-up in the 3v3 European Championship in 2019. Back-to-back Italian Champion (2014, 2015) and finished 2nd in 2016. Back-to-back Italian Clan Champion (2013, 2014).

eFootball Pro

Konami’s league has 10 teams playing 3v3 and is broken up into two stages: 

The Regular League: A nine-day competition in Barcelona starting on December 14, 2019 and ends on April 18, 2020. 

The Finals: The six best-ranked clubs from The Regular League will face-off in elimination matches. The two best teams from The Regular League will automatically qualify for the semifinals.