March 06, 2020


Origen competes in the LEC in Berlin every weekend. Astralis just got home from IEM Katowice in Poland. Future FC is going to the FUT V Championship in Bucharest in April. But they share a common gathering spot in Copenhagen where they can recharge their batteries, talk, and work out together.

Every Tuesday, the teams that are home work out together.

With different schedules, it's not every day the teams get to hit the gym together. But those who are home meet every Tuesday with Astralis Group's physical trainer and physiotherapist Mikkel Hjuler from the Copenhagen gym Fysiq.

Our players come from a wide range of different countries and compete in vastly different games but they know each other and do the same routines to build form and mental fortitude. 

Mitchell and Barney, teammates and work-out buddies. 

The teams are not only working out together. Sometimes they meet at Astralis Group HQ to talk, relax, and play games.

The gatherings and work-out routines are what make Astralis, Origen, and Future FC a family.

The physical routine of the Astralis Group teams as a permanent element in the organizational structure is something that attracts the media from time to time.

When the teams are done and return to their respective games, they are separate teams with different preparation methods. But whether you watch Origen play League of Legends, Astralis play Counter-Strike or Future FC playing FIFA, you'll know their performance comes from the same Astralis Group recipe.