March 08, 2020


In the first match of Week 7, Origen lost against G2 for the second time during the LEC. This time in a closer match but the loss means that G2 now occupies 1st place and Origen share 2nd with Fnatic.

André Guilhoto, Head Coach, Origen:

- We had a comfortable draft. To be fair I think we played it well in the early game. The bot-lane kills were really good. Barney absorbing a lot of the pressure was good as well. but once we hit mid-game we made some mistakes. I am sad about this game but I know it will help us a lot in identifying some of the things we have to improve.

"Barney absorbing a lot of the pressure was good" - André Guilhoto.


G2 on the first day and Misfits on the second is the recipe for an extremely challenging weekend. Both teams had prior wins against Origen in the LEC but revenge came for Misfits on Day 2 of Week 7.

André Guilhoto, Head Coach, Origen:

- We managed to get a good draft and to put Misfits in the clock and act early. We had to prevent them from snowballing early and I think we did that. We could have done a better job on the first Herald but other than that the game plan went pretty much as intended.

Origen is still among the best performing teams in the LEC with a 10-4 record.

Origen is playing again on March 13 against Vitality and on March 14 against SK Gaming in Week 8 of the LEC.

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