March 20, 2020

Tonight: Astralis vs. ENCE

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Astralis digs deeper into Group A of ESL Pro League XI tonight as they take on ENCE.

The team is trailing a convincing victory from their previous match in the league against GODSENT on Wednesday and is currently 1-1 in the group stage. Tonight is the chance for Astralis to make a positive deficit and gain even more control. 

Astralis won their previous match in the group. Tonight, they will try to keep the momentum going.


  • Last time the two teams met was in May 2019 during BLAST Pro Series Madrid.
  • In Madrid, ENCE won the grand finale against Astralis.
  • ENCE were finalists at IEM Katowice 2019 where Astralis won their third Major.
  • ENCE has won 0 out of their last 5 games and is down 0-2 in Group A.
  • Astralis has won 3 out of their last 5 games and is tied 1-1 in Group A.

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