May 17, 2020



May 17th, the Grand Final of Road to Rio kicks off. After 8 victories and only 1 loss in Road to Rio, Astralis has claimed their right to compete in this crucial match. May 16th, G2 claimed the other finals spot over FaZe Clan.

This means that Astralis will be going up against the hot French squad in a best-of-five Grand Final where Astralis has 1-map advantage due to coming from the Upper Bracket. The winner gets $33,000 and 1600 RMR points. The latter counts towards qualifying for the Major. Astralis have 800 RMR points already from winning the previous Major and would maintain the top spot with 2400 RMR points if they conquer G2 tonight.  

Head to head

  • Astralis and G2 met in the Upper Finals of the playoffs where Astralis won 2-0.
  • Astralis is coming into the Grand Final riding on a 7-match win streak.
  • Since losing to Astralis three days ago, G2 has won all games in the Lower Bracket to qualify for the finals. 
  • Astralis will have 1-map advantage in the best-of-five due to coming from the Upper Bracket.

This will be the last match of ESL One: Road to Rio. There are two more, similar rounds of this format before the Major participants are locked in.

Tune in tonight at 20:00 CEST for the Grand Final on ESL's channels: Twitch and YouTube.