April 09, 2020


Thursday, April 9th, is an important day for Astralis. The team converted a 0-2 record in Stage 2 to 2-2 with wins against FaZe Clan and OG to stay alive in the league. 

Tonight, everything is on the line. A loss to Mousesports would mean Astralis misses out on top 3 in Stage 2. On the other hand, a win would place Astralis in a decider match for a chance to qualify for the EU Championship Finals.

Mousesports is ranked #4 in the world and send Astralis packing at ESL Pro League Season 10 in Odense. An international and talented roster - and most of all a strong guardian of the semifinals in Pro League.

Should the April 9 match against Mousesports go the way of Astralis, the match on April 11 will function as a semifinal for the EU Championship Grand Final. 

The game against Mousesports is set to start on April 9 at 18:25 CEST. Check back for updates and potential changes to the schedule in the Astralis Calendar.