May 12, 2020



On May 9th, Astralis defeated ENCE and won Group A in Road to Rio. Now, it is time for the playoffs, the hunt for 1st place, and the lion share of the RMR points. 

Astralis began the group stage with 800 RMR points from their victory at the previous Major in Berlin and could take a comfortable lead with the 1600 point awarded from winning the first regional Road to Rio tournament.


  • Wednesday, May 13th, Astralis faces G2 in the Upper Semifinal.
  • If Astralis win, they will face the winner of the FaZe Clan vs. NiP in the Upper Final.
  • If Astralis lose against G2, they will face the winner of North vs. Heretics in the Lower Semifinal.
  • From the Lower Semifinal, Astralis would need to win two more matches to qualify for the Grand Final on May 17th.

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