May 16, 2020



May 15th, Astralis put an end to FaZe Clan 8-match winning streak and send them to the lower bracket. Astralis is now straight through to the Grand Final on May 17th.

Map results

  • Dust2: 16-12
  • Inferno: 16-7

Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen, Astralis:

- Sometimes you hit your shots and sometimes you don't. I don't think it's a secret that I have definitely taken a hit from playing a bit sloppy and feeling like your not contributing to the team. I just decided today that I wanted to do my absolute best.

Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen, Astralis:

- I think the biggest factor when you're playing from home compared to LAN is that you don't have the crowd and the hype. Also, we are all humans and can get nervous in certain situations when it's getting close. When you're playing from home there is not that kind of pressure on you.

- I think those are the biggest differences but I wouldn't say that I have specifically changed anything. I might do more daring plays when I'm playing from home than I would do in live tournaments. But overall I think we are playing more or less the same as we would on LAN.

Astralis' opponent in the Grand Final will be the winner of FaZe Clan vs. G2 in the Consolidation Final which takes place on May 16th.