May 06, 2020


On May 6th, Astralis won their fourth game in a row in Road to Rio. This time against Dignitas who put up a match worthy of overtime on map 1 but struggled a bit more on map 2.

Map results

  • Train: 19-17
  • Dust: 16-5

With this victory, Astralis is now ranked #1 in Group A with only one more match remaining against ENCE.

Group standings

  • 1. Astralis (5-1)
  • 2. Ninjas in Pyjamas (4-1)
  • 3. Heretics (3-2)
  • 4. Vitality (3-2)
  • 5. Fnatic (2-3)
  • 6. ENCE (2-3)
  • Complexity (1-4)
  • Dignitas (1-5)

The winner of the group gets $33,000 and 1600 RMR points. The latter counts towards a total score which will determine who qualifies for the Major. You can read more about RMR and the three group stages here.

Only one more match remains for Astralis: May 9th against ENCE.

Stay up to speed with potential changes to the schedule on the Astralis Match Calendar