April 10, 2020


After the reverse sweep in Stage 2, the semifinal is locked down. The opponent is a familiar face, Mousesports, who is still ranked #3 in Stage 2.

The two teams will get a swift rematch after Astralis made quick work of Mousesports in their Thursday night match. And the stakes have been raised.

The semifinal win against Mousesports would lead Astralis right to a rematch against their Pro League antagonizers, Fnatic - the best-ranked team in Stage 2.

Fnatic has had a strong showing in the league thus far, most recently eliminating the world's #1 team NAVI. The explosive Swedish roster also put Astralis at 0-2 in Stage 2.

Only the three best teams remain in Pro League: Fnatic (#1), Astralis (#2), Mousesports (#3). The ranking is based on win/lose records and recent head-to-head match-ups. But if you look at the team rating for all of Pro League, Astralis has the best average performance of any participating team. 

However, Astralis will need more than statistics to take down Mousesports - especially if they want to do it in the same fashion as last time

The semifinal against Mousesports takes place on April 11. Keep an eye on our website and socials for updates regarding the schedule or check back on the Astralis Calendar