April 08, 2020


Tuesday night, Astralis got their first Stage 2 win against FaZe Clan. A much need win after the 0-2 start against NAVI and Fnatic. Wednesday night, Astralis added another win to their record which is now 2-2 in Stage 2 of Pro League.

There is only one match remaining of the regular Stage 2 group play and it is against Mousesports - the team that ended Astralis' previous Pro League run in Odense. While the two consecutive wins against FaZe Clan and OG definitely help pave the way for the semifinals, nothing is guaranteed yet with Mousesports being the final test of the group. 

The game against Mousesports is set to start on April 9 at 18:25 CEST. Check back for updates and potential changes to the schedule in the Astralis Calendar.