January 30, 2020

Content Day: Interviews, live streams, and friendly FIFA competitions

Origen and Astralis went out of their element to challenge each other on Future FC's turf: FIFA.

Players and staff were all gathered at Astralis Group HQ for Content Day on Tuesday, January 28, where members of the press were invited as well.

Astralis coach Danny 'zonic' Sørensen in full focus against Future FC's Fatih Üstün.

The entire day was live-streamed and players across all our teams had to answer questions from viewers and fans while battling each other on the digital football pitch. 

Director of Sports, Kasper Hvidt, is used to unlocking his player's skills through a healthy lifestyle and positive reinforcement but when it comes to actually playing the game he needs some guidance from Roee Feldman...

... In fact, quite a lot of people lined up to receive advice from the 17-year old FIFA-talent.

Despite having a room full of extremely competitive players taking each other on in FIFA, the atmosphere in the room was unifying and put an emphasis on how Astralis Group functions like a family. 

In League of Legends, Enrique 'xPeke' Cedeño is an undisputed Legend but he was no match for Future FC's Stephanie 'Teca' Luana.

After a day of content production, interviews, and fun, work calls yet again. All the teams are already engaged in their respective esports' seasons and you can find the schedule of both Future FC, Origen, and Astralis right here