February 19, 2020

Three players, one Future

Fatih is preparing for a busy season with Future FC and the Danish National Team.

You've seen Astralis' physical bootcamp on the battleship Peder Skram and Origen's team-building retreat in the 'We Are Origen' pre-season documentary

Now it's time for Future FC to sweat because even though our three teams play vastly different games, they share the same performance-oriented structure when it comes to preparing for the action-packed year ahead.

The Champion of Israel, Roee Feldman, doing his best Michael Jackson impression.

FIFA is a game largely played in a 1 versus 1 format but our three players are still a team and they need to feel as such despite being stationed in Denmark, Israel, and Brazil respectively. 

Stephanie 'Teca' Luana is one of only two full-time female FIFA-professionals in the world. When we see talent and potential in a player, we want to help them grow professionally. Nationality, gender, or religion have no influence on our scouting process. Teca works with the performance team under the same conditions as Fatih and Roee.

Copenhagen is where Israel meets Brazil. Roee and Teca are from very different countries but share an ambition to be the best.

The players are rarely able to directly assist each other during matches in comparison to Counter-Strike and League of Legends which rely heavily on team-work and communication. 

But giving our FIFA-players a sense of unity under the Future FC banner is important. It establishes a relationship that encourages sharing victories, losses, and experiences with each other and furthers personal as well as mutual growth. 

On February 29, Future FC will begin the qualification process for FUT Champions Cup Stage V. Shortly after on March 13 focus shifts toward the Champions League Qualifier so there's plenty of action coming up for Future FC.

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