April 02, 2020


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Origen began their long LEC journey on January 24th and has since amassed 13 wins over the span of nine weeks and a spot in the playoffs alongside five other teams. There were 10 teams at the beginning of the split. Only six remains of which Origen is top 4 and the 3rd highest seeded team. 

Before we move unto the format of the playoffs, refresh your memory with a highlight reel from Origen's run through the regular split in the video above.

Meet the six playoff teams

Through the regular split, Origen has managed to beat every single team except G2 who occupy 1st place with the highest seed.

Origen and Fnatic share the same win/lose record but since Fnatic won the last time the two teams met in Week 5, Fnatic is seeded higher.

The top 4 seeded teams (G2, Fnatic, Origen, Mad Lions) will be competing in the winners' bracket of the playoffs while the bottom two seeded teams (Misfits, Rogue) have a long road ahead in the losers' bracket.

Dates and schedule for playoffs

All the playoffs matches take place in April. Fittingly enough, Origen's first opponent is the very first opponent the team faced in their first match of the regular split back in January: Fnatic.

Origen and Fnatic's match is scheduled for April 4th and the prize for winning the match is a much easier way into the Grand Final on April 19th.

What happens if Origen beats Fnatic?

If Origen wins their first best-of-five against Fnatic in Match 2, the road to the Grand Final is pretty straight forward. Origen will proceed to Match 5 to play the winner of G2 vs. Mad Lions and if Origen wins that too, the team has booked a spot in the Grand Final. 

Should Origen beat Fnatic but lose Match 5 against either G2 or Mad Lions then Origen will be placed directly in the semifinal where they will play the last team standing in the losers' bracket.

What if Origen lose to Fnatic?

If Origen should lose their opening match against Fnatic the journey is not over yet but it will become considerably more challenging to reach the Grand Final.

If Origen loses Match 2 then Fnatic will move up to Match 5 and they will have the easier ride to the final as explained earlier.

After a loss against Fnatic, Origen would be thrown into the losers' bracket. Which match we play in the losers' bracket is determined by the outcome of Match 1 between G2 and Mad Lions. If G2 keeps up their impressive form and wins then Mad Lions will go to Match 4 in the losers' bracket as the lowest-seeded team in the top 4. This means Origen will move directly to Match 6.

To sum it up:

Origen loses to Fnatic, G2 loses to Mad Lions

  • Origen goes to Match 4 because they have a lower seed than G2.
  • If Origen wins Match 4, they will play G2 in Match 6.

Origen loses to Fnatic, G2 wins against Mad Lions

  • Origen goes to Match 6 because they have a higher seed than Mad Lions.
  • In Match 6, Origen will play the winner of Match 4 between Mad Lions and the winner of Match 3.

If Origen wins Match 6 they will qualify for the semifinal against the loser of Match 5. In the scenario where Origen loses to Fnatic, it would actually help the team if G2 beat Mad Lions since it would mean that Origen would have to play one match less (Match 4).

What happens if Origens wins the Grand Final?

If Origen wins the Grand Final of the LEC playoffs they will be crowned Spring Split Champions and qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) where the best teams from each region will compete.


This article was made to give you an idea of the possible scenarios that can unfold in the LEC Spring 2020 Playoffs. The only thing that is certain is that Origen plays Fnatic on Saturday, April 4th. Everything that happens after that will be updated on our website and plotted in the Origen Calendar.