May 01, 2020


Origen's Spring Split is over and soon the team starts preparations for the LEC Summer Split. 

Origen made it far in the Spring Split and produced some positive statistics to highlight from the 12 weeks of competition. 

Elias 'Upset' Lipp holds the LEC Spring record for most damage dealt per minute in a single match. The record was set against his former team, Schalke 04, in Week 6 of the Split.

Upset also topped the chart for the highest damage share doing the playoffs, dealing 54.1% of Origen's total damage.

While Fnatic holds the record for the highest K/D ratio, Origen made it into 2nd place with a ratio of 10.0 against Rogue in playoffs.

Origen's playoffs game against Rogue resulted in another top 2 in the statistics. 3063 damage dealt per minute only surpassed by G2.

Major Lead means controlling +51.5% of the total gold during a game. In Game 4 against Rogue, Origen held a Major Lead for 88.1% of the playoffs game against Rogue.

30 total eliminations in Origen's playoffs game against Rogue put the team in a very close top 3 with Fnatic and Mad Lions.

League of Legends is all about controlling the gold. The bigger the surplus, the better. For Origen's second match against Rogue, the team put up a gold difference of +4700. 

Origen finished the LEC Spring Split in the top 4 overall. But as the statistics show, Origen put up a top 3 performance on a lot of important parameters. 

When the team returns from their break, it's back to the gym, boot camp and practice room to get ready for the Summer Split and the dream of qualifying for Worlds.

A majority of Origen's highlighted stats were achieved in the playoffs game against Rogue. Revisit the strong performance of the best-of-five against Rogue in the video.