March 29, 2020


The final week of the regular split is over at Origen finish with a 13-5 record and a tied 2nd place with Fnatic. Soon, the two teams will be able to settle the score as Origen and Fnatic have been set up against each other in their first playoffs match. A crucial best-of-five match on April 4 is on the horizon.  

André Guilhoto, Head Coach, Origen:

- In the last game of the regular split, we lost to Mad Lions. A game where it feels like we didn't respect some of the timings they had and they managed to snowball early. 

- Now we face Fnatic in the playoffs. It's definitely going to be an interesting best-of-five and seeing what they have prepared. I know both our teams will prepare really hard and it's going to be a well-fought match. We want to win but we also know that both G2 and Fnatic are playing really well. We just need to get a good week's worth of practice now and we will be ready for them.

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