March 14, 2020


Last updated: March 17, 16:00 CET


LEC continues next weekend. All teams will be playing from home. The schedule has changed and Spring Finals has been moved up to finish the league as quickly as possible. There are no changes to the format of the league.

March 20-21: LEC Spring Week 8

March 27-28: LEC Spring Week 9

March 29: Potential tiebreaker day

April 3-5: LEC Playoffs Round 1

April 10-12: LEC Playoffs Round 2

April 18-19: LEC Spring Finals

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ESL Pro League will play in its entirety as planned but changes have been made to the format and groups to accommodate teams with travel restrictions.

You can find more information about the ESL Pro League XI format and schedule on

Watch ESL Pro League XI on ESL channels: Twitch, YouTube.

Channels: twitter: /astralisgg, facebook: /astralisgg, instagram: @astralisgg

Future FC

Due to current circumstances, EA is evaluating how to proceed with leagues and tournaments and has put all leagues and qualifiers on hold.

The Future FC proceeds to play Weekend League every week and friendly matches against other teams are in the works for the team throughout the week. 

Channels: twitter: /futurefcgg, facebook: /futurefcgg, instagram: @futurefcgg

COVID19 - Status for teams and tournaments

In what is an extremely difficult time for everybody, there's at least some positive news for esports fans. As with all things, conditions change from hour to hour but the current status is that most tournament organizers are working to move matches and tournaments online so that the teams can play from home.

As for Astralis, the next days and weeks contain important matches and tournaments and so far there are no changes in regards to match-ups, schedules, or possibility for fans to watch all the matches.

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