April 29, 2020


LEC has announced the schedule for the upcoming Summer Split beginning June 12th, 2020.

In Week 1, Origen will face off against SK Gaming in the first match. After that, the Spring Split Champions of G2, ending with Misfits on Sunday.

Week 1 is a 'Superweek', meaning that matches will be played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday instead of the usual Friday, Saturday matches.

Week 8, the last week of the regular split, will also be a Superweek. All weeks in between will be played on Friday and Saturday.

After Week 4 there will be a one-week break before Week 5 begins. Week 8 will also be followed by a one-week break to prepare for the Summer Split Playoffs.

Gearing up for the new season

Origen return from their break on May 7th to prepare for the challenging summer. The players will start with gym sessions together with the organization's performance staff and on May 20th they will retreat to the physical pre-season boot camp. 

Shortly after, the grind begins in the practice room where Origen will warm-up for the split against other top League of Legends teams.

Stay tuned on Origen's Match Calendar and on origen.gg.