January 29, 2020

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Origen's perfect weekend

On Friday, January 24, we undertook the long journey in the LEC with Origen. Facing FNATIC in the first match, a team Origen is all too familiar with, resulting in a victory and then again on Saturday against Schalke 04 going 2-0 in the first week.

Andrei 'Xerxe' Dragomir and Barney 'Alphari' Morris have some thoughts about the new roster's trial by fire and next week's matches against G2 and Rogue with whom they share 1st place in the LEC Rankings

Fatih Üstün joins forces with Denmark's National FIFA team

A few weeks ago one of our Future FC players, Roee Feldman, was appointed to play for Israel's National FIFA Team. Now Future FC will be represented in two National Teams as Fatih Üstun will be competing for Denmark on the Danish National Team.

Fatih will be playing with the National Team on February 1 against Norway.

Astralis shaping up for the season ahead

The players in Astralis have been sweating for the better part of 2020 to stay in shape to ensure peak performance on the server. When they're not exercising, they're playing Counter-Strike at the office to make sure that this year will be as memorable as the past two. 

Astralis' first tournament of 2020 begins February 7 in London at BLAST Premier Spring.