March 17, 2020

First loss of the league against NiP

The long-awaited ESL Pro League returned to people's screen yesterday for its 11th season. Astralis made their season debut against the Swedish Ninjas in Pyjamas who showed some great class on the server winning the series 2-0 on Vertigo and Overpass.

This means that Astralis miss out on the first $5000 bonus awarded to each team for a group win. A bonus that can ultimately amount to $200,000 on top of the prize pool at the end of the league. But the league is still young and "it is an online tournament and all the teams might need to play a few matches before settling into their respective styles and set-ups," as Head Coach of Astralis, Danny 'zonic' Sørensen, commented before the match against NiP.


It's time to reset from the first match because there is still plenty of action left in Astralis' Group A where GODSENT is up next on Wednesday, March 18.

GODSENT was, like Astralis, dealt a 2-0 loss in their match against the French squad of Vitality, giving both teams plenty of motivation for the next match. 

This is the first time Astralis is facing the current GODSENT roster but the teams are familiar with each other and in one of the world's biggest, most challenging, and rewarding professional CS:GO leagues it is safe to assume that all team prepare to the fullest, using all the tricks in the playbooks.


  • Astralis won 3 out of their last 5 match series.
  • GODSENT won 2 out of their last 5 match series.
  • Astralis is #2 in the World Rankings.
  • GODSENT is #16 in the World Rankings.

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