February 28, 2020


Fatih Üstün and Roee Feldman of Future FC have spent the past few weeks with a goal in mind: To qualify for the FUT V Championship in Bucharest.

The qualifier begins Saturday, February 29 and proceeds through the following day. 

Fatih Üstün, player, Future FC:

- We missed the FUT IV Championships, and that was really tough for us. But our minds quickly shifted towards the next tournament. 

- We've had some elements we needed to improve, but we've analyzed our games and worked with the performance team, and I believe we're in a good headspace right now. Both me and Roee have been playing with a lot of confidence in the weekend leagues lately with Roee doing perfect runs and me finishing 29-1. I feel positive going into this qualifier with my teammate. 

"I believe we're in a good headspace right now" - Fatih Üstün.


Doing Roee's last perfect run in the Weekend League he beat some of the best players in the world. Aside from 18-year old talent's impressive weekend results, Roee has also been playing warm-up tournaments for the past two days against other pros from the FUT V Qualifier.

The team is prepared and warmed up. Further information about the FUT V Qualifier will be available here and on Future FC's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook