January 06, 2020

Newsletter Feature: Happy New Year from the CEO

By Anders Hørsholt, co-CEO, Astralis Group

In 2020 we are looking to grow our media platforms and new ways of engaging with the fans through new initiatives within digital content, merchandise and direct to fan products. While growing our platforms, we'll be introducing new initiatives supporting our business model, and in cooperation with existing and new commercial partners, we expect to develop the team channels significantly to serve the ever-growing fanbase.

We are going to develop the teams and the organizations around them further, and we expect to continue the upward trend in results for all three teams, with Origen and Future FC improving on more parametres and Astralis maintaining their overall position as the world's best team.

The commercial organization is expanding with the first addition already made as Niclas Nybjerg has joined the organization as Senior Sales Manager. Niclas has extensive experience from similar positions in the media business and will be responsible for new international partnerships, initially focussing on the Nordic countries.

A key element in our strategy is building and developing relevant connections between our partners and the fans. The strongest partnerships are those that add values for both the brands, the company, and the fans, and we expect to introduce new, strong partnerships over the coming period.

The foundation is strengthened through focusing on each element of our business and we are excited and working hard to make 2020 a success for our teams, sponsors, investors, and the millions of fans all over the world.

Happy New Year to all!

This article is a continuation of the #1 edition of our 2020 newsletter.

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