June 09, 2020

Built to last

by Anders Hørsholt, CEO, Astralis Group

It’s been an eventful opening of the year for Astralis. We’ve dealt with some serious issues around the players’ health and the way we see the team structure in the future, and we have made changes that will help the team and organization with long-lasting effects.

Increased roster

Our Director of Sports has talked about this for a long time and I want to double down on the message. We have increased the roster with two new players on long term contracts because we believe this is the right thing to do for the players, for the team and for the development of our organization long term.

We hope that both Lukas and Andreas will be able to re-join the roster over the coming months, which means that we will have 6, 7, or even more players in the active roster. Ultimately we’d like to work with an academy model combining young talents and experienced players, but there is a lot of work to be done before this can become a reality. In the meantime, we work with our coach and the organization around the team to find the optimal way of working with a roster of more than 5 players. This is not easy, we will certainly make mistakes as we have done in the past, but we have no doubt this is the healthy way to go. We believe it will contribute to extending the individual players’ careers and it will be key to maintain a top team over the many years to come.

"We have increased the roster with two new players on long term contracts because we believe this is the right thing to do for the players, for the team and for the development of our organization long term" - Anders Hørsholt


If you look at the number of trophies, 2020 has yet to become a great Astralis year. To say the least. Considering the circumstances, though, I am pleased to see how everybody works to get through a tough time - the players, the coach, and our staff around the Astralis.

Our Coach, Danny, has not had the easiest of months. The conditions he has worked under have not been optimal and we should have given him the possibility to integrate the new players sooner. It is not an easy task to increase a roster in an environment where this has never been done in a top team, but day by day we are taking steps in the right direction and with everything going on with the team and around us, we have managed to win one of the most important tournaments of the spring and maintained a fair position in the rankings. The rankings are not our priority as such, but it’s always a good indicator.

We’ve failed to qualify for the Spring Finals of BLAST and Dreamhack Masters, but it probably comes as no surprise when I say we did not expect to cruise through these tournaments with two brand new players on the team. What we did see, though, is a team and a group that kept their composure and players who kept up the hard work and who immediately integrated the new players in the group. 

Astralis is built to win and we can never be satisfied when we don’t, but I and the whole organization around the team are proud to see how the guys stand up with their chest out and fight for the team under these circumstances. We will be back as a winning team, but it will take time.

"We will be back as a winning team, but it will take time" - Anders Hørsholt


You can never guarantee results, only efforts and work to progress, but Astralis would not be Astralis if everybody on and around the team did not believe we can and will win.

We have invested and continue to invest significantly in building a strong foundation around the teams and in the organization. We’ve seen momentary drops in performance before when we introduced new performance methods, and we’ve seen that these new methods have elevated the long term performance. 

This is what we want to see again, and even though the roster adjustment is probably the most significant change and short term challenge, I am confident we will see the team rise again - and get even stronger. Again.

I watched the first rise of Astralis from the outside and it was impossible not to be a bit envious to see the energy and the hunger in the organization. To see the joy and satisfaction grow with each victory and each trophy.

That feeling is what I sense around the team now. The positive frustration when you don’t win, the hunger to improve, to grow, to rise and to celebrate each victory when you take nothing for granted. Times like these require patience from everybody, but it’s the best feeling in the world to take those steps, to close in on your goal and to ultimately reach it. 

I am humbled to see the support for the team just keep on growing, even in times where we do not win everything and where we get, often fair, criticism. Everybody should rest assured, though, we are here to build and to improve - today, tomorrow, and for the many years to come.

Thank you for your support! We will fight for every inch to honor that support!

- Anders Hørsholt, CEO, Astralis Group.