April 21, 2020

Hvidt on Origen’s Spring Split and ambitions

As Director of Sports in Astralis Group, I am responsible for the overall development of our teams, players, the performance staff and facilities. For Origen, we have now finalized the first, important, leg of 2020 and the team has met our short term goals. Everybody on and around the team has performed well and even if we hoped for a bit more, to me that is satisfactory.

We started the split with three new players which is always a difficult task. 

The foundation was laid during our boot camp where we defined our common objective for the players and the team. Team-wise we have one major goal in sight: Our ambition and objective is to qualify for Worlds. 

To do so we needed and still need to be patient, find the right way to use the strength of all our five players at the same time, develop common mental tools and refine the Origen playstyle with this group of players. Naturally, we are still not there, but during the Spring Split, we have created a strong base from where we will continue improving going into the all decisive Summer Split.

"Our ambition and objective is to qualify for Worlds"

The first step on our way to the common objective was being “the best of the rest”. We all know that beating Fnatic and G2 over time is a difficult task. They are the teams with the biggest budgets and they are the only two teams to have won a split ever in the European LoL history, which demonstrates just how hard it is to get in front. That is our ultimate goal, but not the main focus this season.

We have proven we are on the right way. By equalizing Fnatic in the regular season and beating G2 in one game in the playoffs we have confirmed that our way of building to perform works. We have a lot of work ahead of us in many areas, but most importantly for the players and coaches, the day-to-day work, practice sessions and refining our playing style is paying off. 

All our players have proved their skills and quality by showing great skills. We already knew that Alphari and Nukeduck are great players and they both show great performance in the games. They have gotten used to the way we work, the mentality and the expectations. We knew what level Upset and Xerxe could have, but we didn’t know if they were able to deliver under our setup right from the beginning. But they did, and that shows a lot about the two guys as professionals and individuals. 

"We knew what level Upset and Xerxe could have, but we didn’t know if they were able to deliver under our setup right from the beginning"

Our big bet was, of course, the signing of Destiny from Australia. We knew that Mitch is able to perform at a really high level, but it is always a challenge to move between regions being far from home and still be able to deliver top performance week after week. We are REALLY happy that Destiny decided to join us, and we are happy to see his positive attitude toward hard work and positive improvement. He has shown that he is a top player and he will get even better with the experience he gets from high-level practice and games every week.

We have tremendous respect for the competition, but we also know what we want and how to get there. We are in this for the long run, and I can promise all of you that we will face the Summer Split with the same positive attitude as we had in Spring, we will work in the same serious and thorough way, and we will do everything possible to make it to Worlds!

Long term, we are in it to win it. It will take time, but I am absolutely positive that we will make it happen. I believe that for all our teams, and it is the reason we go to work every day.

Thank you to everybody supporting our teams, and VAMOS ORIGEN!

by Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports, Astralis Group