April 07, 2020


Tuesday night, Astralis took on FaZe Clan in a fight for their lives as both teams were at 0-2 in the group. The loser will not have a chance at the finals but the winner stays afloat. And tonight, the winner is Astralis.

Astralis clenched the victory on FaZe Clan's map pick Nuke in a nailbiting overtime winning 19-17. It did not get nearly as close on the second map Overpass, where Astralis stampeded their way to a 16-4 win.

Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen, Astralis:

- I think we had a pretty good idea on how to play Nuke but a couple of lost frags pushed us into overtime. Luckily, we kept our composure and felt in control during overtime.

- Overpass was just the result of really great team chemistry. We have been struggling a bit, losing twice in the first two games against NAVI and Fnatic. But those two teams, along with Mousesports, are among the best teams in the world right now. 

- After starting 0-2 I'm really proud of what we managed to do tonight and I feel like we are finding a groove in the team right now.

The next test for Astralis will be against OG on April 8th. Keep an eye on the Astralis Calendar for schedule and exact match times.