February 23, 2020


On February 24, Astralis will crack open the first full tournament of the year at the prestigious IEM Katowice in Poland. And this is an important one. The players have arrived and are ready for game day.

The former Katowice-champions had a rough start to the new year going up from BLAST Premier in London with two losses. But the players have reset their minds and flown to Katowice, Poland where they won their third Major last year. 

Astralis lifted their first Katowice-trophy in 2017.

Astralis third Major trophy was lifted in Katowice in the beginning of 2019.

Astralis and IEM Katowice

  • In 2017, Astralis won IEM Katowice for the first time.
  • In 2019, Astralis won IEM Katowice and their third Major.
  • Astralis has won the second-most IEM Katowice tournaments of all teams (2).
  • Winning IEM Kastowice in 2020 will tie them for 1st place with most won IEM Katowice tournaments. (3, tied with Fnatic).

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