February 27, 2020


A display of solid teamwork, as well as individual performance, was too much for the otherwise great Fnatic squad. 16-9 on Overpass and 16-8 on Vertigo means the boys of Astralis are directly through to the semifinals at IEM Katowice

Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen, Astralis:

- We opened up aggressively with an 8-0 lead on their map pick which gave of peace to play a standard game for the remainder of the map. We read them really well and they never really managed to surprise us. We felt like we were ahead of them in our calls and then everything is just less stressful.

- The beginning of the second map was a bit messier as it often is on Vertigo but we never really felt threatened and we finally got going there wasn’t much they could do. We still have things we need to work on as a team and individually but the good thing about a long tournament like this, is that we have time to analyze the small details in our game. It gives us time to breathe, work out in the morning and find a positive mental space.

- It’s an amazing experience to play in the Spodek Arena. We’ve won there twice before and now we are here to defend our title from 2019. But it’s one of the most difficult tournaments to win and the only teams remaining here are really powerful so right now we just have the semifinal on our minds. If we win that we can start thinking about the trophy but that is further down the road.

"We read them really well and they never really managed to surprise us" - Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen.

The semifinal will be played Saturday, February 29.

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