April 06, 2020


Astralis and Fnatic clawed away at each other for three hours in a three-map series before Fnatic put an end to it. 

  • 13:16 Dust2
  • 16:11 Nuke
  • 14:16 Inferno

It took 86 rounds in total which is the sign of a match between fairly equal forces at play but in the end, Fnatic went the extra mile and won. Astralis needs to win the next three matches to have a shot at qualifying directly for the finals but there is still a fair chance for the boys to go all the way.

Tomorrow, Astralis will play against FaZe Clan for the third round of Stage 2 at Pro League.

The match is set to start at 22:00 CEST. Keep an eye on the Astralis Calendar for potential changes to the program.

Watch on ESL's channels (TwitchYouTube).