May 26, 2020

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Astralis joins forces with bank to launch new, digital banking experience

“The future of entertainment meets the future of banking”

Astralis Group and the nordic challenger bank Lunar are set to launch a partnership that will include a brand new banking experience catering to the growing gaming audience. 

The partnership includes a branded payment card and a digital content universe for the fans of the world’s leading Counter-Strike team Astralis, only available in the Lunar banking app.

It will entail exclusive content including interviews and behind-the-scenes insights from the team in a form where the future of entertainment meets the future of banking.

Ken Villum Klausen, CEO and founder of Lunar:

- In our new partnership with Astralis Group around the Astralis team we morph banking and entertainment providing a whole new experience for the fans. We do this comprehensive move to drive engagement with our users, and the Astralis partnership is a significant step in creating a financial super app and connecting with our users in new ways. 

- We believe in building a banking experience that morph banking and entertainment because ultimately that means our users are more likely to check the app, get in control of their finances and get the most of their money.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CCO and co-founder of Astralis Group:

- Esports appeals to a growing, global audience, and one of our strengths is our access to a generation of digital natives. Lunar’s way of rethinking banking, use of gamification and digital entertainment is very much in line with our strategy and it matches our primary target audience. 

- We are thrilled to present a partnership of this character and caliber and we have a great belief that we will be able to deliver better, more relevant and engaging content for our fans. We are already upgrading our channels with new content, and the new partnership with Lunar gives us the opportunity to really bolster our digital channels and content around the Astralis team brand. 

The three-year deal is described as “of significant commercial value” to Astralis and it makes Lunar the exclusive financial partner for Astralis Group in the Nordics. Users in Denmark can join the waitlist in the app today and the full solution will be available later in 2020.