December 09, 2019

Astralis Group and Juventus enters esports collaboration

The Italian football giant Juventus today announced their entrance into the world of esports through the efootball game PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). In this connection Juventus and Astralis Group have entered an agreement which means that the PES team will be run and operated by Astralis Group. .

A team of three professional PES players has been formed and they will take part in the eFootball.Pro competition organised by Konami. It is an exclusive competition with 10 participating teams playing a tournament in a 3vs3 match format.

The event has two stages to it: the Regular League - scheduled in Barcelona - is a nine-day points competition, starting December 14, 2019 (first round) and ending April 18, 2020 (9th place to last). The top six ranking clubs will enter into the Finals: they will face each other in knockout matches, with the first two teams automatically qualifying for the semi-finals. The final showdown will be held in Manchester.

Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Chief Revenue Officer

"The entry into the world of eSports, favoured by the partnership with Konami,” underlines Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Chief Revenue Officer - “not only gives us the opportunity to turn to a new and vast audience, but it is also a testimony of how Juventus is attentive to the evolution of the forms of entertainment and the interests of the public. The club has always been ready to accept new challenges and today we are pleased to undertake this adventure, proud of having once again given concrete application to our philosophy of: Live Ahead.”

The creation of the team was possible thanks to the collaboration with Astralis Group, one of the leading companies in the world of eSports, that boasts proven experience in the sector and that will support the Juventus club in the operational management of the team.

Anders Hørsholt, co-CEO of Astralis Group

“Astralis Group is a pioneer in esports and our approach to performance optimization on all levels has influenced the entire industry. We already demonstrated our ability to create long term results, and it a natural development of our business to enter collaborations like this. We’re very pleased to be a part of Juvents’ esports initiative“ 

Juventus will also participate in the competition organised by the Lega Serie A, called eSerie A TIM, the first reserved for the top Italian league teams.


The three Juventus players are Ettore Giannuzzi, Luca Tubelli and Renzo Lodeserto. Ettore Giannuzzi is the one who boasts the richest resume having already won two world titles, the first in 2011 and the second in 2018. Last year was his most successful year, having also won the WESG Olympic and the world COOP, while when he was younger, he won the UEFA Youth League.

In 2019, Luca Tubelli won the European COOP title: a success that came after the 2018 COOP World Championship and the 2016 Italian title, while he also won the Clan title. Renzo Lodeserto, in 2019, was a runner-up in the 3vs3 European championship. In previous years he was crowned the 2014 and 2015 Italian champion (while he finished in second place in 2016), and Italian Clan champion in 2013 and 2014.