April 25, 2020



Astralis and Fnatic clashed again on April 25th. This time in the first group phase of Road to Rio. Fnatic proved that they have maintained the edge since Pro League as Astralis lost 1-2 in their second Road to Rio match. 

The first map on Train was a struggle with Astralis losing their own map pick 9-16. 

The first half of the second map, Inferno, was an improvement. Despite Fnatic winning 5 of the first 6 rounds, Astralis mounted an 8-round streak and finished 9-6. From there, Fnatic took 8 rounds of their own to gain a 14-9 advantage over Astralis. An impressive comeback took the two teams to overtime where Astralis edged out Fnatic, 19-16.

The third map was Overpass where Astralis got close to repeating the feat from Inferno. After losing the first half 4-11, Astralis managed to give Fnatic a run for their money with a strong offensive side going 12-13. In the end, the Pro League champions of Fnatic found the last rounds and closed out the third map, 12-16 for the Swedes. 

  • Train (9-16)
  • Inferno (19-16)
  • Overpass (12-16)

Astralis is now 1-1 in the first Road to Rio group stage and will be taking on Vitality next on April 28th.

Full schedule for the first stage of Road to Rio above.

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