February 05, 2020

The year begins in London

Astralis won the BLAST Pro Series Global Final in Bahrain in December. 

Astralis' first Counter-Strike tournament of the season is approaching fast and the team has arrived in London to prepare for their first match in the BLAST Premier Group Stage.

So far, the players have spent 2020 with physical- and PC boot camps. Astralis' In-Game Leader Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander gives his thoughts about the group in London.

Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander, In-Game Leader, Astralis

- We've been itching to get back in the game but we need to keep our composure. Going up against Complexity, Vitality, NAVI will be challenging but we always trust the process leading up to a new season. The team-building, the exercise, the practice. With everything combined, we have what we need to go into any match with confidence and calmness.

"2020 already looks like a very competitive year"

- The first group stage at BLAST Premier was played last weekend where FaZe Clan powered through Team Liquid, the strong contender for 1st place last year. And there are still so many other teams that haven't shown what they're bringing to the competitive scene this year. 2020 already looks like a very competitive year.

- We know what we're bringing and that's peak-level motivation. It's going to be a wild year and we can't wait for our 2020-debut. 

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