May 17, 2020



Astralis are the winners of the ESL One Road to Rio tournament. 15 other top teams fought for 1st place in the Major qualifier competition but Astralis come out as the best team with 9 wins and only 1 loss.

Astralis started the Grand Final best-of-five with a 1-map advantage over the other finalists, G2 Esports. The team won the two needed maps swiftly ending the series 3-0.

Map results

  • (1st map won by default) 
  • Nuke: 16-6
  • Vertigo: 16-2

Emil 'Magisk' Reif, Astralis:

- We played great as a team today and I feel like everyone stepped up individually so that's obviously a really nice feeling.

- It feels like G2 didn't play their best CS today. Normally they are a great team and can be really difficult to play against. Today we just had the upper hand and won a lot of rounds on individual plays. 

- Other than that I just want to say thank you everyone for supporting us throughout this tournament and we hope to continue doing this. 

With 2400 RMR points, Astralis is now leading the Major qualifier convincingly. 

Next tournament for the team will be DreamHack Masters starting May 19th.