March 17, 2020

Astralis and Royal Unibrew present the new product line

Earlier this year, Astralis and Royal Unibrew announced a new type of commercial partnership which, besides a traditional sponsorship deal, includes a co-operation around the development of a new line of soft- and energy drinks. 

The development, design and taste process has now been completed and today the partners presented the first two products in the Astralis x CULT co-operation:

CULT Astralis Blood Orange

CULT Astralis Lemon - Sugar Free

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CCO and co-founder of Astralis and Astralis Group:

- It is a difficult time for all, and we have discussed possibly delaying this introduction. On the other hand, we can’t and should not stop developing the business and products, and we’re really pleased with the outcome of what we’ve been working on with Royal Unibrew. 

- Commercially this is an extremely interesting partnership. It’s part sponsorship, part product cooperation and part royalty agreement with a fee per sold unit. Everybody on the team and around Astralis has been involved, and the process has been fairly comprehensive as both parties have a set of very strong core values that are not up for discussion. 

- Astralis has been built around performance, personality, and authentic fan relations. The players are international role models and the positive lifestyle will be an integral part of the online and in-store universe around the Astralis x CULT products, Jakob Lund Kristensen explains.

- The products will reach stores and supermarkets all over the country in week 16, and we can’t wait to see the reactions from the fans. The products have been developed by Royal Unibrew with our players doing all taste testing and our performance team contributing with their preferences around sugar levels, caffeine, taurine, etc. The sugar-free alternative has been a requirement from all players, but all products are based upon their taste. 

- For us, it’s a unique agreement with a significant commercial upside and we see a global potential in the model. We’re not launching in a small, homogenous market, but we hope to extend this model in the future, Jakob Lund Kristensen concludes.

Products will be available in stores and supermarkets across Denmark from Week 16.

The deal includes a traditional sponsorship leg with exposure and activation on all Astralis channels, development of new co-branded products as well as a royalty fee per sold unit.