February 10, 2020

Astralis and Origen's mixed weekend

Origen radiates excitement

Origen finished Week 3 of LEC 2020 with a victory over Vitality and a loss to Misfits. This means that Origen remains in second place in the LEC

'Even though we lost against Misfits, we got some very valuable lessons out of it' - André Guilhoto

Overall, our League of Legends roster is doing great in the season so far. With 4 wins and 2 losses, there's still room for improvement but everything we do is long term and Origen is already creating results and sparking excitement in the world of esports. For instance, the face-off with G2 was the most-watched match in LEC 2020 so far.  

Andre Guilhoto, Origen's Coach, talks openly about the mistakes made in the game against Misfits.

Astralis has work to do before IEM Katowice

Astralis began the Counter-Strike season in London at BLAST Premier. The team lost their opening match against an explosive Complexity squad playing their hearts out. 

Astralis managed to win a map on the second day against NAVI but ultimately lost the series and our boys return from London without a win. Despite the results, the work towards IEM Katowice continues and the team have their work cut out for them, which is also reflected in this little video where the team thanks for the continuous support in the arena and online

'We can't for Katowice to show the true Astralis'

Next for Astralis is IEM Katowice in Poland on February 28. The prestigious tournament is one of the biggest in Counter-Strike and it's where Astralis won their third major last year.

You can find weekly updated schedules for both Origen and Astralis here.