January 31, 2020


Week 2 of LEC Spring 2020 is coming, and this time our boys at Origen are up against some of the strongest League of Legends forces in the world: Rogue and G2. But even in the face of a great challenge, our Head Coach, André Guilhoto, keeps his cool.

André Guilhoto, Head Coach, Origen

- Rogue and G2 are the other 2-0 teams in LEC right now and our next opponents. In terms of raw gameplay, this is the most challenging weekend we can have. It's in our hands to win these game and we believe in ourselves. 

- It's going to be intense. It's going to be hard. Rogue is a really solid team and G2 bested us in the LEC Finals last year. But that's a long time and a lot of practice ago. I am confident in my team.

Friday, January 31: Origen vs. Rogue, 18.00 CET.

Saturday, February 1: Origen vs. G2, 21.00 CET (Named 'Match of the Week' by Riot).

Watch all the action here.