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Astralis Group A/S is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth, and trades under the symbol ASTGRP and ISIN-code DK0061155785. 
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Financial half-year report 2020


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Astralis Group

  • Astralis Group is a leading esports and media organization operating three strong team brands; Astralis, Origen and Future FC.
  • We have a proven business model with solid sponsorships, growing merchandize sale and increasing media revenue from the tournaments.
  • In only 3 years we have managed to capitalize on our brand-building capabilities, bringing the Astralis brand into break-even since August 2019.
  • Astralis Group is operated by a highly experienced and qualified organization.
  • In 2019, the number of esports viewers around the globe is estimated to reach 443 million. In 2022 the number of esports viewers is expected to reach 595 million.
  • Astralis Group’s team brands and media channels have a 100% borderless viewer base with endless opportunities reaching a global, growing audience.
  • The esports market is a billion-dollar market expected to grow +20% p.a.
  • The esports industry is progressing fast towards the lucrative maturity phase... And Astralis Group has the proven foundation to drive and monetize on this potential!


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With hundreds of millions of dedicated fans all over the world, esports is the fastest growing form of media- and live entertainment. It is a billion-dollar business with gamers, broadcast viewers and live audiences across the globe and Astralis Group is in the forefront of the development of teams, brands and business models.

“We are global pioneers in the billion dollar esports industry and already stand on solid ground. We have the best performing Counter-Strike team of all time and millions of dedicated fans around the world.

We are proud of our results thus far, and we look forward to welcoming all new shareholders to the Astralis Group family.”

In 2016 Jakob Lund Kristensen and I co-founded RFRSH Entertainment with the ambition to create a global center of esports entertainment. Our mission was to excite and entertain a rapidly growing audience through sports performance, cutting edge media content and engaging tournament and team brands.

In August 2019, Jakob and I bought out the teams to create Astralis Group. Together with an agile organisation of experienced, innovative profiles from traditional sports, esports, entertainment, media and tech we have set out to create the strongest teams and most engaging brands globally.

Already now, in Astralis Group we have the best performing CounterStrike team of all time. With Origen we have relaunched one of the most engaging international League of Legends brands with the ambition to, over time, become the best of the best. We have created the EA FIFA brand Future FC with players who are already title contenders in the biggest international tournaments. Each of the teams are unique brands with fast growing and dedicated fanbases. We orchestrate across all teams our performance model, which is Astralis Group’s unique organizational setup through which we build topperformance teams. The model has changed the way esports performance is perceived, from the amateur playing on his first team to the global elite.

We have, since August 2019, strengthened the organisation in key positions, including co-CEO Anders Hørsholt who brings with him 9 years of experience from leading roles in the biggest Nordic football team FC Copenhagen and media juggernaut MTG, where he was responsible for developing European esports initiatives

We are pioneers already standing on solid ground, and through this IPO, we seek to strengthen the foundation to invest further in the development of the world’s strongest esports team brands within competitive, digital live entertainment.

Nikolaj Nyholm


If you have any investor related questions please find the contact information of the Astralis Group and our Certified Adviser.

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Jakob Hansen
+45 41 864 713

Astralis Group A/S

Otto Busses Vej 7
2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

Sasja Dalgaard
Certified Adviser
+45 26 100 877
Tofte&Company ApS
Christian IX's Gade 7
1111 Copenhagen, Denmark

Steen Laursen
VP Comms & Brands
+45 61 438 922

Astralis Group A/S

Otto Busses Vej 7
2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

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