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Our Vision

Building the most loyal and engaged global community in esports by developing world-class teams and players, attracting partners and audiences, professional, endemic and mainstream alike.

Through a pioneering approach to performance optimization the Astralis Performance Model is an international lighthouse in the esports industry.

We are building the sports- and entertainment brands of the future!

Our focus on building a performance culture and brands with a broad mainstream appeal has seen the Astralis team thrive as the best team in Counter-Strike history. The strategic performance approach is a fundamental value throughout the organization and is also the basis for developing League of Legends team Origen and our FIFA team Future FC.

Diversity and sustainability are fundamental elements in our approach to our surroundings and all players on our teams are expected to be role models – that be the current and coming elite- and academy players.


All team brands and media in the Astralis Group portfolio remain true to the esports culture while also appealing to a wider mainstream audience. Our partners are diverse, but common for all is the dedication and ambition to bring esports to the next level, locally and globally.